Good Workout this Mernin’

Lifted with Denver and one of his homies this mernin and really sore this evening lol but its a good one really.
We got super cold weather coming in overnight.
Starting the process of enrollment for Grand Canyon University for their doctoral program,  but still doing the work for gettin on the force with TPD. I may have to let it go eventually if the Dr program workd out. Well see.
Redbird and Thomas going to Rome after she meets him in Japan first. A belated honeymoon.

Talked with my mom once since the funeral,  a couple days ago but it went like usual.  Its sad.
Pops and Dot been campin a lot of late in their new camper.
Hadn’t heard from Gabe much.

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Doctoral program prospects looking up…

Talked to a rep from Grand Canyon University for a couple of hours yesterday about their doctorate program. One of my profs at St. Gregorys suggested them as he is just finishing his doctorate himself and been pleased with how they have done him. I’m glad I’m finally getting some good prospects and it looks like I want have any real lag time.
Redbird is going to Japan

then Rome next month

kind of alate honeymoon.

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Went to gym. ..

I did 20 mins cardio and 30 sit ups. Aiming to do fifty pushups overnight during shift tonight. Exam for the academy is dec 16.ill have three minutes and a half for a seven set obstacle course to qualify,  as well as a written exam.
My books manuscript is due in a few weeks. Time to double down as obama says.
Starting the last class  tomorrow night.
Supposed to talk to mom tonight first since the funeral.
On shift tonight then saturday thru Tuesday.


Tulsa traffic on way to hospital was slow due to fender bender.

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