What kind of Jew am I?

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By Gregory

Genuine integration of any spiritual tradition will result in personalization – one develops a particular way of being Christian, Buddhist, or in my case, Jewish.

There are as many ways of being Jewish as there are Jews. We’re likely familiar with many of the common associations found in the popular culture.

When people think Judaism, they often think of cultural Judaism – the Jewish humor of Woody Allen, the music of Fiddler on the Roof, and eating bagels at inner city delis. Certainly, specific food, styles of music, and cultural icons like Woody Allen offer some insight into Jewishness, but these are cultural touchstones, not spiritual ones.

For others, their Judaism is deeply entwined with their Zionism, and for some, their Zionism is their religion. No one can argue that the Land of Israel is not a fundamental aspect of Jewish concern and Jewish theology. While supporting Israel…

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Second night of three…and of course I becomes a 1:1…

A psychotic okie version of  ”boomhauer” from King of the Hill has been mumbling and grabbing at imaginary objects the last few hours as I keep watch that the poor wretch don’t hurt his self in his flailing about.
I gotta work with Mr. Dennis when I get off then come back here for 12 more hours of fun then finish a truckload of homework before goibg to class.
Let the good times roll baby.

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